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About us

Since 2009, the year of establishment, TEAM MONTAGE is a General Contractor specialized in: Steel manufacturing – with a manufacturing capacity of 150t / month; Civil Engineering design, manufacture, delivery and installation of steel structures resistance, mounting components for perimeter closings and roofs

TEAM MONTAGE has its own workshops in CRAIOVA, ROMANIA, where all items are manufactured and pre-assembled before being delivered to the Beneficiary’s location.

Our products embrace both the aspect and the security of resistance over time, due to the high degree obtained in the finishing paint sector, with the mention that parts and components with any kind of configuration and size can be painted. The quality of the services provided is ensured by solid partnerships with important Romanian and foreign companies having the same activity and this can be confirmed by the certificates obtained by our company as well.

Team Montage – manufacturer of industrial buildings, also supports the automotive industry by providing services in the field of construction

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Metal Structures

  • Steel manufacturing
  • Industrial steel buildings
  • Steel buildings design
  • Fabricate steel buildings
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Exterior Closures

  • Insulated roof and mounting accessories
  • Works for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Assembly of steel structure
  • Works of industrial floors
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Automotive Industry

  • Installing elevators and cranes
  • Dismantling cranes and steel structures
  • Dismantling and assembling equipment
  • Reinforcing steel structure roof
Team Montage works globally. We have worked in countries such as Germany, England, Belgium, Romania, Slovenia, Spain